Top lakes of Extremadura, wildlife and much more

Black bass de Orellana

Where can I find information about sport fishing in Extremadura’s lakes? What level will the reservoir be? What kind of cover will I find? Which are the top Extremadura lakes for each species? Why are they top lakes? What are the main species of baitfish? What are, broadly speaking, the best lures for each lake?

Whether you are a first time visitor or a regular, here are some of the keys to success in your journey.

As a passionate of predator fishing, I put at your disposal this information, mainly focused on their fishing (black bass, pike, zander, catfish…), although you can also find relevant information on fishing cyprinids like barbel and carp. To make the reading more enjoyable, I will accompany the text with photos from different days in Extremadura lakes, most of them taken by good friends. While photography is not my strong point, I take this opportunity to offer you my most sincere thanks.

Wildlife watching

Likewise, on this website you will find references to another of my passions, wildlife watching, as well as accommodation, restaurants, shops, fishing guides… Being able to enjoy memorable fishing days while watching the imperial eagle rut, watching a couple of Bonelli’s eagles hunt, the black stork fly over you or the otter surprising you when you are up on a rock, is within the reach of a privileged few. Do you want to be one of them?

Thanks to its rich and varied ecosystems, Extremadura is a paradise of biodiversity. Because of this, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals, fish… many endangered species have their main populations in the country here, some even in the world. Do not look in this web for a detailed atlas of each of the fauna species, there are certainly really good works about it. Nonetheless, I just wanted to highlight the most relevant species and give you some basic notions of how or where to find them.

I hope you find it useful, that you enjoy browsing the site and of course if you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact.

Cheers and good fishing!

Extremadura lakes
Black bass Orellana